School - Staff

St. Leonard School has an extremely dedicated, caring and competent staff.  All teachers are licensed by the State Department of Public Instruction.  All classroom religion teachers are also certified in religious instruction by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  Please take a few minutes to read over the informative "snapshots" of our wonderful staff by clicking on the names below.

Mrs. Laura Bisher

Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Brianne Van Acker

Office Aide
Mrs. Carolyn Piotrowski

School Counselor
Miss Teara Morgenroth

K3 Teacher
Mrs. Sheryl Johnson


K3 Aide
Mrs. Kerri Krueger


K3 Aide
Mrs. Kate Slawny


K4 Teacher
Mrs. Karleen Meyer


K4 Aide
Mrs. Peggy Knappen


K4 Aide
Mrs. Sara Walloch


K5 Teacher
Mrs. Julia Kloiber


K5 Aide
Mrs. Linda Domanski

Grade 1 Teacher
Mrs. Danielle Koziczkowski

Grade 2 Teacher
Mrs. Kelly Miller


Grade 3 Teacher
Mrs. Angela Lucier

Grade 4 Teacher
Ms. Jennifer Romine

Grade 5 Homeroom/Grades 5-8 Language Arts
Mr. Will Bojar

Grade 6 Homeroom/Middle School Math Teacher
Mrs. Katherina Kaye

Grade 7 Homeroom/Grades 5-8 Social Studies
Miss Laura Leahy

Grade 8 Homeroom/Grades 5-8 Science Teacher
Mrs. Rachel Lockwood

Reading Specialist
Mrs. Becky Moulton


Math Specialist
Mrs. Gail Kordus


Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Jack Hervert



Music Teacher
Mrs. Megan Dixson


Spanish Teacher
Mrs. Lilliannet Rosario


Art Teacher
Ms. Wendy Muller

Band Teacher
Mr. Robert Hudy


A+ For St. Leonard

"Not only am I graduate and a parent, but I am a 2nd grade teacher here as well.
I get to see first-hand the excelent, rigorous, faith-filled education my children are receiving."

Kelly M.
St. Leonard parent, alumna and teacher