Pastoral Council / Committees

The Pastoral Council is made up of 12 parishioners who help foster pastoral or mission activity that organizes the community into one of discipleship and evangelization. Council members serve three-year terms to a maximum of six years. Applications are sought each spring for open positions. The council is assisted in its role by committees. Each Pastoral Council member also serves as a liaison to a parish committee.

The parish trustees, although civil officers of the parish corporation, are ex officio members of the Pastoral Council. 

2020-21 Council Officers

Rev. Dan Janasik - Pastor

Chairperson - Ed Leonard

Vice-Chairperson - Joe Roubik

Secretary - Kim Stanton

Other council members and their liaison committees

Christian Learning & Spirituality (CLAS) - Nick Anderson
Stewardship - Doug Grant
Human Concerns - Carlene Larson
Athletics - Katie Missiaen
Parish School - Wes Niemcek
Worship - Ken Bowers
Marketing - Brian Weidner
Finance Council - Diana Schmidt and Ken Krawczyk
Parish Trustees
Secretary - Bill Klovas
Treasurer - Charlie DuPont