Endowment Advisory Board

An endowmnet is a gift of funds to the parish as a source of income for the future. It is a wonderful way to express confidence in the parish and to support it for years to come. St. Leonard parish has established an Endowment Fund. The funds are carefully invested by a lay advisory board. Part of the growth of the fund is distributed annually to support worthy programs which help the parish to fulfill its mission. The principal of the fund is not spent, but remains to provide funds for the future. Currently, the fund is valued at over $110,000.
The Board is currently developing plans and strategies to grow the Endowment.
Individuals, committees, organizations and ministries may apply to the Fund for a grant. To apply, one must meet one or all of these standards:
  • Support and assist St. Leonard Congregation in its mission.
  • Support the operation, maintenance, capital requirements and continued existence of St. Leonard Congregation.
  • Support the development of child and youth programs within St. Leonard Congregation.
The current chairperson of the Endowment Advisory Board is Greg Zwick. The current Board members are: Fr. Dan Janasik, Charlie DuPont, Jodi Staral, Bill Klovas, Dan Boeck, and  Paul Lewandowski.