We are delighted you would like to celebrate the sacrament of your marriage!

If you're considering having a wedding at St. Leonard, please review the booklet at the link below and email Fr. Dan at

St. Leonard Marriage Guidelines Booklet


FOCCUS - A tool for marriage preparation

Marriage preparation helps engaged couples assess their readiness for the sacrament of Marriage. It is a requirement for couples to be married in the Church.

FOCCUS, Inc. USA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building, promoting and enhancing healthy relationships by offering resources and training that "Facilitate Open, Caring Communication, Understanding and Study." FOCCUS provide couples the opportunity for deeper conversation and understanding of each other.

Facilitators of the FOCCUS process are married couples of the parish who have been trained by the Archdiocese. Meetings are held in their homes with the engaged couple. The facilitators may be both Catholic or interfaith couples.

If you are interested in becoming a FOCCUS couple, please contact the parish office.


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