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This week's tournament:  7th Grade Girls


  Sunday, March 1st  Saturday, Feb. 29th Friday, Feb. 28th Saturday, Feb. 29th  Sunday, March 1st   
      Lumen Christi      
    Blessed Sacrament 7:30 PM Lumen Christi    
      Blessed Sacrament      
  St. Joseph BB/SJE 5:30 PM St. Gregory Great 6:30 PM Lumen Christi  
      6:30 PM      
    St. Joseph BB/SJE   St. Gregory    
      St. Joseph BB/SJE      
  5:30 PM   St. Matthias   7:30 PM  
Consolation            Tournament Champion
Champion   Christ King 5:30 PM St. Matthias    
      Christ King      
    7:30 PM St. Leonard 8:30 PM    
  St. Dominic       St. Leonard  
      8:30 PM      
    St. Dominic   St. Leonard    
      St. Dominic      
  Blessed Sacrament   St. Gregory  
  4:30 PM   6:30 PM  
Challenge Game        3rd Place Game Winner
  Christ King       St. Matthias  


Time Team Team Winner Score
Friday, 5:30 pm St. Matthias Christ King St. Matthias 25-18
Friday, 6:30 pm St. Gregory St. Joseph/SJE St. Gregory 29-20
Friday, 7:30 pm Lumen Christi Blessed Sacrament Lumen Christi 61-5
Friday, 8:30 pm St. Leonard St. Dominic St. Leonard 29-17
Saturday, 5:30 pm Blessed Sacrament St. Joseph/SJE St. Joseph/SJE 41-3
Saturday, 6:30 pm Lumen Christi St. Gregory Lumen Christi 44-25
Saturday 7:30 pm Christ King St. Dominic St. Dominic 38-36
Saturday,  8:30 pm St. Leonard St. Matthias St. Leonard 30-15
Sunday, 4:30 pm Blessed Sacrament Christ King    
Sunday,5:30 pm St. Joseph/SJE St. Dominic    
Sunday, 6:30 pm St. Gregory St. Matthias    
Sunday, 7:30 pm Lumen Christi St. Leonard    





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