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JUST ANNOUNCED: We are looking for high school boys in grades 9-12 that are interested in playing basketball this winter.

If you are interested in playing, please fill out this form:Click HERE 

Information about the league found HERE

There will be no CYM basketball or any type of organized interparish basketball games for our high school youth this year.  This decision was made by Doug Ulaszek, Associate Director of Evangelization & Catechesis for the archdioceses.   If you would like additional information regarding this decision, you may contact him at [email protected]

In an effort to provide a safe environment for parish high school students to play basketball, the St Leonard’s Athletic Association is evaluating its options at this time.  To help us plan we would like to know how many students may be interested in playing basketball.

If you have a son in grades 9-12 that would be interested in participating in some type of basketball program thru the parish, please complete the interest form. 

Any questions, contact Rick Vogt at [email protected]

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Rick Vogt

St Leonard CYM Coordinator

[email protected]