A Word About Scams Impersonating Pastors, Parishes

Beware of Scams Targeting The Faithful

Scammers are impersonating pastors and parishes in very sophisticated ways in an effort to cheat people.

Believe it or not, they are:

  • Using fake email addresses and sending scam "phishing" emails to would-be victims.
  • Texting parishioners pretending to be the pastor and in need of gift cards. These requests are NOT from Father Dan. Please disregard them completely.
  • Placing phone calls that show up on Caller ID even before the call is answered as familiar legitimate entities. Our St. Leonard School phone number was used in such a scam in 2021.

Never provide money or personal information in response to a request without verifying that it is legitimate.

Pray for the healing and conversion of those who seek to profit by scams or fraud. Just imagine how much better our world would be if they used their time for something good!

Find Out Much More Here from the State Bureau of Consumer Protection