College Connect

    It’s almost time for young adults to walk on to their college campus and begin a new chapter in their life. Whether it’s their first semester away or their last, these young people will be faced with many decisions to make for themselves over the next few months. Their faith should not be something they are unsure of or something easily forgotten. According to the Newman Ministry, over 80% of students stop practicing faith in college! What an awakening statistic! The Stewardship Committee wants to continue the connection with our young adult parishioners that will be away at college. It is my pleasure to introduce our new program to hopefully do just that: College Connect! 

    We are asking parents of college students to fill out a Google Form for your child. We will use this information to connect with them a few times over the academic year to remind them that their parish is still here and that we are praying for them. We will also provide information for their local church, Campus Ministry office, Newman Center, etc.

    We need volunteers to buddy up with each college student. Volunteers will be asked to send a card, note, gift card, any type of encouragement to their college buddy a few times a year. They will submit their note to Michelle in the parish office to be sent to the student (in line with Safeguarding policies). 

    We are asking all potential volunteers to contact Michelle in the Parish Office by August 1, 2023 to sign up to become a buddy (262-679-1773 ext. 18, or email here). More information will be shared with buddies after that date. We are asking all parents to sign their child up using this Google Form by August 1, 2023: click here