Christian Formation - Elementary Gr. 1-6


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DIRECTOR:   Lisa Jachimiec

 Requirements for students in Grades 1 - 6 are as follows:

 >   All Grades: required attendance in class (all fall and spring semester work completed)
 >   All Grades:  Complete a level appropriate Prayer Experience scheduled throughout the year (Requirement changed 2019-20 to replace Memorization)
 >   Grades 2 - 6:  Complete eight Mass Reflections
 >   Grades 2 - 6:  Attend a Reconciliation Prayer Service or attend private reconciliation once per year  Gr. 3-6 Suspended for 2020-21
 >   Grades 4 - 6:  Complete one Family Enrichment.  A parent or other adult must attend with the child Suspended for 2020-21

The Christian Formation Office can be called or emailed at any time to verify the status of student requirements.

Our Elementary Program is open to children in grades one through six.  It includes teachings on the Tradition, Scriptures, Prayer and Social Teachings of the Catholic Church.  Student Evaluations are sent at the completion of each semester and will include class attendance status, Prayer Experience, Mass Reflections (grades 2-6), Reconciliation (grades 2 - 6) and Enrichment attendance (grades 4 - 6). 

Prayer Experience

Learning prayers and facts is a central part of your child’s faith development and we launched a new program last year!  Instead of working on rote memorization at home, we now offer six different programs throughout each year.  Three of the six programs during the lower elementary years (Grades 1-3) and three of the six programs during upper elementary (Grades 4-6).  Due to COVID-19 concerns, we have had to adjust how we present these for the ’20 – ’21 term.  Recorded programs will be posted to our website for parent and child to participate in as your schedule allows this year.   Watch for communication from our office when these become available.

Enrichment Offerings

In order to increase our contact time with students in grades 4 – 6, these students are required to complete one of the many grade appropriate enrichment offerings scheduled throughout the year.  Please note which enrichments are open to the upper grades as well.  An adult needs to accompany students.  (An Enrichment Offerings schedule will be emailed to parents in October and the most current schedule can be found online at  Click on the ‘Enrichment Offerings’ tab.)  Due to COVID concerns, we will be offering a variety of enrichment opportunities in various formats.  Details will be sent with a schedule and options with the class assignment information in September.


Students benefit greatly from the classroom experience which cannot be duplicated at home.  Families are encouraged to make the necessary accommodations for this.  For the families who cannot attend classes due to a legitimate conflict, St. Leonard Christian Formation offers a Home Study alternative on an exception basis only.

Home Study participants are required to meet with the coordinator in the fall and spring.  All completed materials are due according to the provided schedule.  Students have access to the audio-visual aides and / or craft projects by contacting the Christian Formation Office.

Families will be given a student textbook, a family home study guide (for the parent), a memorization sheet, and a schedule of due dates for the chapter reviews.  Students in grades 3 - 6 are also required complete eight Mass Reflections and to attend one Reconciliation Service.  Students in grades 4 - 6 are required to attend one Family Enrichment (see above).  Home Study is not available for second grade. 
If you have questions or would like additional information on our Home Study program for Grades 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6, please contact Lisa Jachimiec at 262-679-0880.




 1.   Class assignment letter  - early September

 2.   Spring Session letter - mid January

 3.   First Reconciliation Parent meeting - early September

 4.   First Communion Parent meeting - early January

 5.   Monthly newsletter - will be emailed when published and be available on this website.

RECONCILIATION (Gr 2 see below;  Gr. 3-6 Suspended for 2020-21)

    Virtual Parent Meeting on September 29 – more details to follow

   Tentative date: December 5, 2020 at 10:00 am ~ pending status of Catholic Comeback Plan



      FIRST COMMUNION PARENT MEETING (parents only/attendance required):
        Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 6:30 pm - Virtual via Zoom

      FIRST COMMUNION RETREAT (Mandatory parent/child attendance.):
       Saturday, March 6, 8:45 – 11:30 am   OR
       Saturday, March 13, 8:45 – 11:30 am

Group Masses:

     Sunday,   May 2, 2021,      1:30pm
       Rehearsal Date: Wednesday,  April 28     6:15 - 7:45 pm

     Sunday,   May 16, 2021,    1:30pm
       Rehearsal Date: Wednesday,  May 12,     6:15 - 7:45 pm, 

Family Masses:

    Saturday,   May 8  2021,   5:00pm Mass
Rehearsal Date: Friday,            May 7      6:00pm