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Whether you're visiting or you call St. Leonard home, you can stay up to date with the latest opportunities and all of the good news happening here. 


Bulletins: Our bulletins are printed and available at church. They are also accessible online: click here.

Newsletters: We send out a weekly email newsletter via Constant Contact. You can sign up for our newsletter here.

Social Media: We're on Facebook and Instagram. Our livestreamed Masses are on YouTube. You do not need to create an account for these pages to view them. 

Updating Your Contact Information

Have you moved recently? Did you get a new phone number or email address? Would you like to start or stop receiving offertory envelopes? Let your parish know! Give us a call in the Parish Office at 262-679-1773. 

Submitting Information For Publication

If you would like to have an article included in the bulletin or our weekly email newsletter (Constant Contact), email your request directly to Samantha by clicking here. You can also call the Parish Office at 262-679-1773.


Bulletin Publication Policies: 

  • Articles are only guaranteed to run for two weeks, and will be run longer only if space allows.
  • Articles must be submitted to Samantha in the Parish Office by the deadline, or we cannot guarantee that it will appear in the bulletin you have requested. See the table below for deadlines.
  • Pictures and articles may be submitted for consideration. We may not be able to accomodate all photos and articles due to space limitations, nature of the content, etc. 
  • If you're seeking to purchase ad space on the last two pages (e.g. for a business), contact Liturgical Publications Inc. directly: 1-800-950-9952


Bulletin deadlines:

Bulletin Deadline to submit your article to the Parish Office
March 24 March 14
March 31 March 20
April 7 March 27
April 14 April 5
April 21 April 12
April 28 April 19
May 5 April 26
May 12 May 3
May 19 May 10
May 26 May 17
June 2 May 22
June 9 May 31
June 16 June 7
June 23 June 14
June 30 June 21
July 7 June 26
July 14 July 5
July 21 July 12
July 28 July 19
August 4 July 26


Newsletter Publication Policies: 

  • Our weekly email newsletter will only include information on events of the following week. If there is an event that requires registration, it will be included once when registration opens, and once again when the deadline for registration is in the week following the newsletter publication. 
  • Information can be sent to Samantha in the Parish Office for consideration. We may not be able to accomodate all photos and articles due to space limitations, nature of the content, etc. 
  • Information is due on Wednesdays before the newsletter the information should appear in.