School - Philosophy / Goals


St. Leonard School, as an educational facility of the Parish, shares with the Parish the same general mission of accepting the responsibility of proclaiming Jesus.  This is accomplished by teaching the Message revealed by God through His Son, Jesus, by experiencing Catholic Christian Community, and by spreading and sharing this Truth and Love in Service to others.

The school believes that the light of faith received at Baptism must be integrated into all of life in the Spirit of the Church in accordance with the Second Vatican Council.

All those involved in the school - faculty, service personnel, students, parents - strive to build a loving, caring community of faith.  Together all grow in service to God, one another, and the broader community, so as to experience the fullness of life.

The school strives to integrate Gospel values in curriculum teaching so that the whole child is educated in the spiritual, intellectual, social and personal modes and encouraged to develop to his/her greatest potential.

The goals of St. Leonard School are the following:

To provide for the spiritual and moral growth of each child by:

  • sharing the light of faith through prayer and religious instruction.
  • participating in meaningful liturgical experiences and service projects for the community.

To provide for the intellectual development of each child by:

  • developing life skills and concepts through a well defined curriculum.
  • teaching students to think logically, critically, and creatively in decision making, problem solving, and aesthetical appreciation.

To provide for the social and personal development of each child by:

  • promoting a spirit of respect for self and others.
  • stimulating an awareness of social and environmental problems and fostering a Christian attitude of response.



A+ For St. Leonard

"We are so happy we chose St. Leonard for our family. Our children are able to shine in a faith-filled environment where they are cherished as individuals."
Mike and Kari J.
St. Leonard parents since September 2017