Faith and Finance

Do you find yourself

  • Overextended with debt
  • Questioning what is enough for retirement
  • Just married and want to start right financially
  • Or just wanting to learn more about living with your money in a way that grows your faith rather than detracts from it

Insight to these and other financial situations can be learned in our new Bible study offering starting in fall called Faith and Money Matters. With over 2500 verses, the Bible is a great source to draw on how God cares for all areas of our life– even how you handle your money.

Join us this Fall for an eight-week spiritual and practical Bible study that teaches you how to manage your money using biblical financial principles from an authentically Catholic viewpoint.

Are you interested in this study? Please let us know! You do not need to commit to the study at this time, we are gauging interest. Email Randy Ratkowski here

Click Here for answers to FAQ's about the study.