Pastoral Council / Committees

The Pastoral Council is the laity's voice of wisdom in guiding the parish now and into its future. These elected parishioners serve as consultors to the pastor. Together they chart out the mission of Christ in this particular parish. The trustees, although civil officers of the parish corporation, are ex officio members of the parish council. Individual councilors serve as liaisons to the various committees. These elected parishioners serve in a consultative role with the pastor.   Together they chart out the mission of Christ in our parish community.

Council Officers

Rev. Dan Janasik - Pastor

Chairperson - Terryl Heinlein

Vice-Chairperson - Alan Miner

Secretary - Jenny Lloyd

Council Members

Jim Brindowski- liaison to Stewardship

Wayne Gerlach- liaison to Worship Committee

Paul Lewandowski- liaison to Human Concerns Committee

Sharon Johnson- liaison to Parish School Committee

Pat Berigan - liaison to Athletics Organization

Lynn Wieckowski- liaison to Finance Committee

Debby Tomczyk - Liaison to Finance Committee

Irv Brenaman - liaison to Christian Formation Committee

Brittany Radish - liaison to Marketing

Parish Trustees

Secretary - Bill Klovas

Treasurer: Charlie DuPont: