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This week's tournament:  8th Grade Boys B Basketball

January 18th, 19th and 20th (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)

  Sunday: January  20th Saturday: January 19th Friday: January 18th Saturday: January 19th  Sunday: January 20th  
      St. Gregory the Great      
     St. Mary’s MF 7:30 PM St. Geogory    
      St. Mary MF      
   __________ 5:30 PM   8:30 PM  ________  
      Burlington Catholic Gold      
     Burlington Gold 6:30 PM St. Leonard Gold    
      St. Leonard Gold      
 __________ 6:00 PM       8:00 PM  __________
Consolation      St. Leonard Black     Tournament Champion
Champion    St. Alphonsus  5:30 PM  St. Leonard Black    
      St. Alphonsus      
   ___________ 6:30 PM   7:30 PM  _________  
      St. Boniface      
     St. Boniface  8:30 PM  St. John/Matthew    
      St. John the Evangelist/St. Matthew       
    Please be aware that times listed in the brackets may change to accommodate conflicts    
   ____________ Please check with the bulletin board, the Tournament Director or Gym Supervisor for game times  __________  
 _________ 5:00 PM Please check with the St. Leonard Tournament web page for game times and scores.  7:00 PM  _________
Challenge Game   __________ Use the web address or QR code below  _________ 3rd Place Game Winner


Team Team Time Winner Score
St. Leonard Black St. Alphonsus Friday, 5:30 pm  St. Leonard Black  40-26
Burlington Gold St. Leonard Gold Friday, 6:30 pm  St. Leonard Gold  38-25
St. Gregory St. Mary MF Friday, 7:30 pm  St. Gregory  42-30
St. Boniface St. John/St. Matthews Friday, 8:30 pm  St. John/Matthew  29-16
 St. Mary MF  Burlington Gold Saturday, 5:30 pm    
 St. Alphonsus   St. Boniface  Saturday, 6:30 pm    
 St. John/Matthew  St. Leonard Black Saturday, 7:30 pm    
 St. Leonard Gold  St. Gregory Saturday, 8:30 pm    
    Sunday, 5:00 pm    
    Sunday, 6:00 pm    
    Sunday, 7:00 pm    
    Sunday, 8:00 pm    

-- Parkview Parochial League rules apply.
-- Games shall be played in 6 minute quarters.
-- Intermissions of 1 minute between third and fourth quarters.
-- Intermission of 5 minutes between halves.  
-- Overtime if  the score is tied at the end of the fourth quarter, 2 minute extra periods must be played until a winner is determined.
-- There shall be a 1 minute intermission before each extra period.

-- Each team will be allowed 4 time outs during regulation time - 2 full timeouts (1 Minute) and 2 half timeouts (30 Seconds)
-- Each team will be awarded 1 full timeout for each overtime period. No timeouts will carry over from regulation or between overtime periods.
-- A team with a 15 point lead or more may not apply any defensive pressure in the opponent's back court
and must retreat to the opponent's frontcourt once the opponent clearly secures possession of the ball.
A technical foul may be assessed against the offending team's Head Coach for repeated violations.

Tie Breakers:
1) Total Points allowed in all games     

2) Points allowed 1st Half in all game

3) Points allowed 2nd half in all games.

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