Christian Formation - Good Standing Requirements and Application

Good Standing Requirements:

  • required attendance in class (classes can not be made up on the other day)
  • Reconciliation Service attendance (Grades *4 - 11)
  • Completion of required grade level Memorization by the end of each semester (Grades *4 - 6)
  • Completion of 8 Mass Reflections (Grades *4 - 11) 
  • Required Hours of Service (Grades 7 - 11)
  • Grade level Enrichment fulfilled (Grades *4 - 9 needs 1 with a parent)
  • Acceptable Behavior - If a student reaches a third offense, they can not be in "Good Standing."


An important part of your child's formation experience includes preparation to receive Sacraments.  When a child is not fully prepared through attendance / participation in class and completion of the requirements, his or her readiness to receive the Sacraments will be reviewed and potentially delayed.  Discussion with Director(s), Pastor, and parents along with your child, will determine what additional instruction and formation needs to be completed.








Eligibility for students in grades 5 - 11 in the St. Leonard Youth Athletics require students to be in "Good Standing" the year prior to participation as well as to remain in "Good Standing" the year of participation.

  *Please note, status in Grade FOUR affects eligibility for participation in Grade FIVE.

Per Christian Formation eligibility standards

Students not enrolled in classes cannot be considered in "Good Standing" for the current year and will not be eligible to participate in our sports programs in the following year.

Good Standing Requirements must be completed by April 15, 2019 in order for any fourth through eleventh grade student to participate in the St. Leonard Sports Programs for the 2019 - 2020 year.

Students MAY NOT leave class early or miss class due to a St. Leonard Sports Athletics event/activity.  Participating in the St. Leonard Athletics is a PRIVILEGE for students with a "Good Standing" status in Christian Formation.  Many parishes in the Archdiocese ONLY allow their Day School students to participate in their parish Sports Programs.