Christian Formation - General Information


Parking Lot Safety
To ensure the safety of all children, please observe the following procedures. When dropping off children, make sure that children have safely entered the building before leaving the parking lot. Note: No pick up or drop off is allowed at the South Entrance to the school building for the protection of all of our children.  Enter the parking lot at the north driveway and exit by the south driveway.  Please drive slowly and be aware of pedestrians.

Regular attendance at classes is essential for any measure of success in a Christian Formation Program. Weekly attendance enables children to grow in the knowledge of the Faith, to develop a sense of belonging to the parish community, and, through regular prayer to build a relationship with God. 100% attendance is preferred – but the required attendance is as follows:

  • Grades 1 - 6:  14 of 18 classes (up to four absences)
  • Grades 4 - 9:  Family Faith in Action Event (with a parent)*
  • Grades 7 - 9:  13 of 16 classes  (up to three absences)
  • Confirmation 10 & 11:   14 of 16 classes  (up to two absences)

    *A Family Faith in Action Event Schedule will be emailed to parents in October.  The most current schedule can be found online at  Click on the 'Family Faith in Action Events' tab.
  • Ushering or Altar Serving at Mass is NOT a substitute for attending class and are not to be scheduled during class time.

  • Students with more than allowed absences have not "Completed Requirements" which will affect eligibility for Athletics.
  • If your child(ren) are going to be absent, please call before class begins.  Calling in your missing student does not negate the absence.
  • Making up classes on a different day is NOT an option.

Grades 4 – 9 Attendance Specifics

All students in Grades 4 – 9 are required to attend one Family Faith in Action Event with their family. (A Family Faith in Action Event schedule will be emailed to parents in October and the most current schedule can be found online at  Click on the ‘Family Faith in Action Events’ tab.)

Late Arrival / Early Release of Students

In order to keep our students and volunteers safe, our building is locked and secured after the starting bell rings.  Students who arrive after class has begun will need to be brought by a parent to the Christian Formation Office and signed in as a late arrival.  Students who leave before the final bell will need to be signed out by a parent in the Christian Formation Office.  This policy is for the safety of all those in our care during scheduled class times.  As always, students are not allowed to leave early for a St. Leonard athletic event.

Code of Conduct

Students in Christian Formation are expected, at all times, to be respectful, courteous, and honest to the faculty, staff, and fellow students.
In class, students are expected to...

  • Arrive on time and report directly to classroom (please be aware of the time if you are attending Hospitality Sunday)
  • Be prepared for class with their homework and supplies
  • Respect the property of the school and other students
  • Listen to the catechist (teacher) and follow directions
  • Show respect, through words and actions, to the catechist and to other students
  • Not call out in class or leave their seats unless asked to do otherwise
  • Not be a distraction to or disrespectful toward other students

If a student does not follow the above guidelines...

  • 1st Incident - child is sent to the Christian Formation Office
  • 2nd Incident - child is sent to the Christian Formation Office - and - contact is made to parents
  • 3rd Incident - a parent of the child is required to sit in class with the student until the teacher feels the child is ready to be on his or her own again.

Dual Parenting Reporting

In cases where this applies, the names and addresses of both parents should be listed on the registration form. The Christian Formation Office should have custodial information indicating to which parent the child should be released after class. Unless otherwise instructed, information commonly made available to parents of any student in attendance will be provided to both parents.


At registration, parents/guardians are asked to provide an email address, home and work phone numbers, as well as any other phone number, which would be used in case of an accident or emergency. Should any of this information change during the year, please notify the Christian Formation Office. Email addresses are required at the time of registration for direct communication of non-emergency issues throughout the year.

Emergency Response

At the beginning of each Christian Formation semester, we will be explaining our emergency procedures. The response for the emergency procedures will be as follows:

Fire - All students will take their coats and proceed in an orderly fashion with their teachers to the nearest exit to the front parking lot. They will remain there until it is safe to return to the building.

Tornado or Weather emergency - All students and their teachers will go to the cafeteria. They will sit on the floor until the danger has passed.

Lockdown - Students will remain in their classsrooms with the teacher unless instructed otherwise.

Sacramental Preparation

To fully prepare for the reception of First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation, all students should complete the Christian Formation programs for grades 1-9 or attend a Catholic school for grades 1-9.

Baptism: All students must receive the Sacrament of Baptism prior to receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation, First Eucharist and/or Confirmation. If a child is seven or older and is not baptized – or – is delayed in the reception of Eucharist, please contact Bridget Klawitter at the Parish Office: 262-679-1773.

In the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist normally occurs during a child’s second grade year. St. Leonard policy requires children be enrolled in Christian Formation either here or at another Catholic church or school for one full year before they can begin their preparation for the two sacraments. This ensures each child begins to develop a foundation in faith formation and the understanding that the celebration of the sacraments is a lifelong process.

First Reconciliation: Preparation for First Reconciliation is completed in the fall semester of a child's second year of formation (please see above statement on preparation). This study culminates in all second year students attending a reconciliation prayer service in December. Attendance at this service is a required part of the program. You and your child determine if he or she is ready to receive the sacrament at the end of the service. A required informational parent meeting will be held – one parent is required to attend this important meeting.

First Eucharist: Preparation for First Eucharist occurs in the spring semester of second grade. An informational parent meeting is held in mid-January – one parent is required to attend this important meeting.

Confirmation: Preparation for Confirmation can be found on the Confirmation page of this website.