Christian Formation - Enrichment Offerings

For People of All Ages

Parents are the primary instructors for their child(ren) in all aspects of life, including Christian  Formation.  Learning together is a wonderful way to share your faith with your child(ren) which is the most appropriate way to pass on the Catholic Tradition.

 A variety of programs are offered through our Christian Formation Office.  Different offerings will be available for all ages.  Some enrichments may only be appropriate for certain age groups.  Please note any enrichments that need a RSVP.

Enrichment Offerings for 2018-19 will be listed as they become available.

Current Enrichment Offerings:

TUESDAY, APRIL 2, Movie Night - Inside Out, 6:30pm in the Gathering Space, Grades 4-9.  Do you ever look at someone and wonder what's going on inside their head?  INSIDE OUT travels into the mind of 11-year-old Riley to find the answer.  Led by Joy, five emotions are hard at work throughout the movie.  RSVP's are required by March 31 to 262-679-0880 or [email protected]   All ages are welcome - students in Grades 4-9 may use this to fulfill their Enrichment requirement.

Previous Events:

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, Fall Festival, 11:00 am in the All Saints rooms, Grades 4-6.   Join us for FUN, FOOD and FAITH!   Meet 12 DIFFERENT Heroes of the Old Testament and discover what we can learn from them today! RSVP by October 24 with the number of adults and children attending.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, Dr. Janice Jurack, DC, 6:30pm in the Gathering Space, Grades 4-9.   Dr. Jurack presents Being Good Stewards of Our Bodies.  How can we best care for the body God gave us?  No RSVP required.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, HAWS, 6:30 pm in Church and Gathering Space, Grades 4-9.  A speaker from the Humane Animal Welfare Society will talk about God's Creatures and their Five freedoms.  The talk will be followed by a project - making toys to be given to shelter dogs and cats.  No RSVP required.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 3, Catholic Charities, 6:30 pm in ALL SAINTS ROOM (this Enrichment was originally scheduled to be held in the Church and Gathering Space), Grades 4-9.  What services do Catholic Charities provide?  How can we help them? A presentation followed by a service project ('In-Home Support' pails) to help those in need.  RSVP no later than November 30, 2018 with the number of adults and children attending.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, The Star Movie, 3:00 pm in the Gathering Space, Grades 4-6.  A small donkey named Bo yearns for a more exciting life.  One day he finds the courage to break free and teams up with Ruth the lovable sheep and Dave the hilarious dove with lofty aspirations.  Bo and his new friends follow a special Star they see in the sky on the adventure of their dreams and become part of the greatest story ever told. Enjoy the fun movie, refreshments and take home a craft to make as a family!  All ages are welcome.  RSVP by December 5 for free admission.

 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16 AND 23, Stevie's Treks Series, 6:30 pm in the Gathering Space, Grades 4-9.  This popular DVD series follows Stephen Pettit, a modern day nomad, as he travels all over the world, living like Biblical Characters and experiencing life as they might.  Watch the series of FIVE adventures from the Old and New Testaments!  No RSVP required.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3, Meal Packaging, 2:00 pm in the Cafeteria, Grades 4-9.   
Join the Confirmation students in meal packaging for Worldwide Hunger Relief.  RSVP no later than January 15, 2019 as space is limited and may fill before this date.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26,  Internet Safety, 6:30 pm in Church, Grades 6-9.   
Eric Szatkowski, a former Government Special Agent, will share his experiences and what steps we can take to protect ourselves online.  No RSVP required.

TUESDAY, MARCH 12, A Walk Thru the Mass with Fr. John Cella, 6:30 pm in Church, Grades 4-9.   
Why do Catholics do what we do at Mass?  Learn why we sit, stand, bow, etc., and the purpose many of the "special items" we might see.  Space is limited - RSVP's are necessary to 262-679-0880 and will be taken until the 25 adult/child spaces are filled (younger siblings should not attend this evening - please plan accordingly).  

 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, Saints and Angels with Fr. John Cella, 6:30 pm in Church, Grades 4-9.  Are angels real?  What's the big deal about connecting with our Catholic Saints - aren't they just a bunch of people who lived long ago?  Find out the answers to these questions and SO much more.  No RSVP required.

SUNDAY, MARCH 24, Character Counts, 2:00 pm in Church, Grades 6-9.  Bill Johnson will speak about how in today's self-centered culture, can we be true to God, our parents, and ourselves?.  No RSVP required.