Meet the Pastoral Staff

Rev. Dan Janasik

Fr. Dan is the pastor. The pastor is the shepherd of the parish, exercising pastoral care in the parish community. The pastor carries out the duties of teaching, sanctifying and governing with the cooperation of the deacon(s), other pastoral ministers and the assistance of lay members of the Christian Faithful. This means that he has administrative duties (the CEO of the corporation), preaching and teaching ministry to young and old alike, liturgical leadership and the duty of care for parishioners. He is a diocesan priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.


Deacon Rick Wirch

Deacon Rick is also an ordained permanent deacon.  He is married and has two children.  As a deacon he preaches, presides at baptisms, weddings and funerals (without a Eucharist) and at public devotions. He also ministers at the Eucharist regularly on Sunday mornings and occasionally preaches. He teaches in the Christian Formation program.  His societal ministry includes hospital visits, home visits and some jail ministry.

Mrs. Karen Tenfel

Karen is the Director of Administrative Services. She fulfills parish administrative needs in accounting, building and grounds, and personnel.

Mrs. Bridget Klawitter

Bridget is the pastoral associate.  She is a generalist whose responsibility it is to oversee the adult catechesis, pastoral ministry and specific liturgical programs.  She also assists in helping to meet the pastoral, spiritual and  needs of the people of the parish community.

Mrs. Sue Watkinson

Sue is the principal of the school.  Our parish school has a population of about 200 students in 4-year-old Kindergarten through 8th grade. The Principal administers the school’s religious and academic programs, including the design, development, direction and evaluation of same, and provides leadership in faith development, spiritual growth and academic excellence. The Principal is responsible for the supervision of the academic staff.


Mr. Bryan Staedler

Bryan is the Director of Music. The director of Music oversees the liturgical music program of the parish.  The Director of Music integrates the liturgical music program with the mission of the parish.  He energizes the congregation's worship life through dynamic music.  He works cooperatively with the parish pastoral staff and lay leadership.

Ms. Bethanne Maus-Schaefer

Bethanne is the Director of Youth Ministry, grades 7-11. She leads the youth to understand that this identity is based upon the Gospel message, the Sacraments, and the teaching of the Church. She maintains, develops, and implements a Youth Ministry Program based upon the following components: Word, Worship, Creating Community, Guidance, Healing, Justice, Service, Enablement and Advocacy with content taken from the Catholic Catechism.

Mrs. Lisa Jachimiec

Lisa is the Director of Christian Formation Preschool-6 grade. She develops and maintains a comprehensive plan for Christian Formation of children, from Preschool- 6th  grade. She oversees the sacramental preparation program for children and their parents. She also develop prayer experiences, activities, and programs with a family focus.